Sergio Rossi Fall/Winter 2011-12 women's collection Featured

The Italian luxury line shines through at Milan Fashion Week

Sergio Rossi steps out with a footwear masterpiece thanks to the genius behind its latest collection. Creative Director Francesco Russo has created the must-have shoe collection for the woman who loves shoes and what they say about her. The Sergio Rossi showroom was a finely curated collection of pieces that are colourful, sexy, fun and original. Russo says he was inspired by a visit to the Arena at Nimes, where he thought up a dramatic and extravagant masquerade ball where ladies want to stand out, but have a sense of reserve at the same time. His collection reflects this idea by creating many pieces that are not what they seem. A black suede boot for instance will have the design of a white patent Maryjane shoe at the bottom, masquerading the boot as if it were a pair of heels with black stockings.

“One protects one's self by disguise” says Russo, whose idea for a masquerading footwear line came from the classic Venetian mask and the Italian Commedia dell'arte (a historic theatre troupe that used masks to create different characters). In fact, many pieces in the collection use two-toned silk and satin in bold colours such as violet and orange, creating a likeness to the extravagant costumes of the 15th century.

Other aspects of the new collection are a line of shoes, handbags and jewellery with a bejewelled Chrysalis butterfly artfully placed along them. Russo says the concept of a caterpillar metamorphosising into a beautiful sophisticated butterfly was perfect for a collection that seeks to bewitch and seduce. The idea of a butterfly navigating through a garden translates to the collection of footwear that allows the Sergio Rossi woman to navigate gracefully through the evening. Boots, ankle boots and sandals pervade the collection in different silks, satins, prints and leathers.

My favourite part of this presentation was a special video display for 10 different pairs of shoes. I felt like I was at the museum and who would miss the chance to see a new Sergio Rossi exhibit? Each pair of shoes sat on an elevated podium with a video screen placed above it. I had to stand directly before them in order to hear a special audio recording that played in sync with the video explaining the motivation and creativity behind the shoe design. It was a refreshing and fun way of presenting the top pieces of the new line because it allowed me to hear exactly what the designer was thinking and what were the key details to pay attention to. For instance I learned that one pair of sandles covered in blue fox fur was inspired by the sexy bedroom slipper and another pair of white heels with black polka dots came from Russo's inspiration from the 1980s and Christian Lacroix designs. All in all, the collection is stunning and sexy, look no further than Sergio Rossi for the perfect pair of shoes for that extra special night out.

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