Alberto Guardiani Fall/Winter 2011-2012 women's collection Featured

A report from the Milan runway fashion shows

Italian shoe designer Alberto Guardiani brings us a collection of shoes inspired by travellers, jetsetters and lipstick. The result is a collection of shoes that are sure to stop people in their tracks as they marvel at what's going on south of your ankles. 


The collection is all about the self-reliant woman who can do anything in her Guardiani kicks. The collection has a rock soul feel to it with items inspired from biker fashion to 70s shag hippy. Lets walk through the different themes taking place in this FW '11-'12 line..


This collection is a journey down folk alley, starting from square-heeled boots with Mongolian fur revers - a playful remainder of the 70’s -, and moving onto fringed ankle boots that intermittently show their precious side with laminated golden leather, ala 90s.
Texan-style boot embroideries leave the prairies where cowboys roam to decorate the bootlegs of Cuissard boots inlaid with Swarovski crystal sequins. Night sandals get hippie-chic with  wool pompoms.


Black ankle boots in leather and suede, biker boots covered in buckles and boots with shaved shearling inlays reinterpret a rocker woman with a free spirit who wears aggressive heels and throws on an aviator jacket to head around the globe.


This shoe with an interchangeable lipstick heel! Solely for Milan fashion week, the lipstick heel collection will be available in a special FEEL YOUR COLOUR pack. 5 different colours to choose and combine into your own style (absolute red, deep purple, electric blue, luxury gold and total black) What colour are you?

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