Larusmiani Fall/Winter 2011-2012 women's collection Featured

Urban fashion for women - with inspiration from men

Larusmiani's Women's Fall/Winter collection is 100% inspired by Mens evening wear. Creative Director Liborio Capizzi's ecletic style and taste give a feminine spin to men's smoking jackets, pant suits, shirts and coats. The result is a collection that allows women to play in 'a man's world' while still preserving a feminine and sexy style. The ready to wear garments are perfect wardrobe staples that can transition from the office to the opera. Capizzi walked me through the collection at today's presentation explaining how he has played with the masculine wardrobe to create inventive new pieces for women's fashion. For instance, he took the classic pinstripe suit to a new level by designing a pinstripe bustier to wear under a suit – giving a feminine va-voom to the classic.

Pieces in the collection include a variety of different styled suit jackets to choose from to go with pants and vests. A collection of dress shirts that take a lead from mens shirts, but always with a feminine spin – like a frilly collar that can be removed to change the look of the shirt. The collection also comprises sportswear pieces including trenches and Montgomery style jacket with hoods inlaid with silver wolf fur. My favourite piece had to be a floor length tuxedo jacket that could be paired with a black evening dress. The collection is ideal for both everyday and grand soirèe. So come on ladies, release your the inner man with this classy and creative new collection.