Brunello Cucinelli Fall/Winter 2011-2012 women's collections Featured

A report from the Milan runway fashion shows

If I could choose one brand to wear in for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, it would be Brunello Cucinelli. The reason is simply because the collection is not only impeccably designed and crafted, but also comfortable and easy to wear. Cucinelli's Via Montello showroom in Milan was filled with pieces that I could easily see the modern woman wearing right off the hanger with style and ease.
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When it comes to designing the collection, Brunello Cucinelli is a one man show acting as both the creative director and handling the business side of the brand which was established in 1978. Cucinelli drew inspiration for his new line from nature and looks from the English and Irish countryside.


The garments are all made from the finest materials such as Mongolian cashmere, fox fur, wool and cotton. Special detailing in the garments add to their appeal, such as the handmade embroidery of pyrite and byzantine gold threads woven into the knitwear.


It's hard to choose favourites from the collection as almost every piece had something unique and special about it. The jackets in wool and cashmere with a fox collar were definitely noteworthy, as were the variety of knitwear pieces that were elegant and easy to wear over tshirts, pants and leggings (as stylishly demonstrated by the brand's showroom staff). A cashmere sweater with dual layers was definitely a piece to be appreciated as one can transition easily from one look to another in the same garment.


Cucinelli's accessories included a line of shoes, jewellery and handbags all designed with the clothing in mind to help marry the products into one perfect ensemble. Shoes with fur and wool accents will surely play a trusted ally on long walks and jewellery designed to specifically highlight a garments natural colours are absolute musts to pair with any Cucinelli garment. The most important thing to take away from the entire collection is that it is both light and sophisticated. These pieces make a woman feel comfortable in her own skin, while at the same time indicating an effortless sense of style. I look forward to seeing Cucinelli's new collection on the streets, keeping women warm, comfortable and fashionable wherever they go.

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