Vivienne Westwood and the Twisted Monarchy Featured

VW Red Label Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Collection

Dame Vivienne Westwood came out guns a' blazin' with her new Autumn/Winter collection for 2011-12. The British designer drew inspiration from beloved author Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass book collection, which was written as a sequel to the widely popular Alice in Wonderland Series. Westwood's Red Label used characters such as Alice, the Red Queen and the White Queen as the protagonists for her imaginative and colourful collection.

The show was definitely a scene stealer at London Fashion Week with the models done up in variously distorted ways,from one model whose face was entirely embellished with platinum gold paint and another wearing a crooked crown with her hair still half in rollers. The show's theme couldn't be more relevant considering the upcoming royal nuptials just around the corner for England's Prince William and his sweetheart Kate Middleton. Westwood made an official statement at her show saying she will not be designing Kate's wedding dress, thus crossing off another high profile English designer from the list of could-bes.

Westwood's latest collection was also inspired by the personalities from London's famous Portobello Road (shopkeepers, street vendors and teenagers returning home after a night of partying). The collection is very much a tribute to London life, embracing  both the trends and imagination typical of British culture. Westwood has brought a classic fairytale into a real time context with a fun and daring collection that is surely one of the best shows we've seen this season at London Fashion Week.