Giorgio Armani, fall/winter 2011-12 men's collection Featured

Fashion colours for fall coincide with an Armani classic: grey

Giorgio Armani, one of the most famous fashion designers in the business, has developed his enviable name in the fashion sector by virtue of the elegance and sophistication of his styles. This collection is entirely based on the reinterpretation of features that have become "Armani classics," remodelled with new colours and shapes.

Grey is the fundamental colour for the fall/winter 2011-2012 men's collection, applied in all its variants. Grey has of course long been a symbol of the Armani style. Flannel is also a key element of the collection, used in all items, from suits to belt and shirts, creating new and original combinations.

Another feature of the season are the trousers that are wide at the top and taper towards the ankles. In addition, high-necked sweaters that emerge from the jacket and are folded on the neck; long tails that descend over the trousers to create a fluid and supple movement; very long overcoats with fur lining, emerging on the lapels.

Accessories are simple, though sometimes oversize, such as bags, leather shoes in plain or animalier patterns, with ankle boots for a more sporty look. Sunglasses are rounded but not excessively large.

Colours that provide a respite from grey include camel, chocolate brown, shades of orange, violet and pink for shirts, and black and midnight blue.

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