Ports 1961 at the fall/winter 2011/2012 men's collections in Milan Featured

Extreme elegance in shades of grey in one of the most stylish runway fashion shows

Amidst the incredibly ornate Napoleonic stuccoes, gilt and marble of the Circolo della Stampa, Corso Venezia 18, Milan, in an intimate lounge atmosphere heightened by the double runway with two rows of seating on either side, Ports 1961 presented their fall/winter 2011/2012 men's collection. A superbly detailed series, in the tones of grey, black and cream that is one of the characteristics of the season, but with some highly refined chromatic accents of muted bordeaux red, violet, camelhair beige, and with superb quality fabrics. Interesting details included leather gloves, some interesting bags with straps tied to the arm and placed in a pocket.

Knitwear jerseys were in an irregular squares motif. Clark Kent type glasses were worn in all the looks, and the overall effect was reminiscent of sci-fi film Gattacawith its search for perfection. This comes as no surprise: Fiona Cibani and Ian Hylton use only the finest Italian tailoring and the most advanced fabrics to attain their view of luxury, expressing contemporary classicism. Shoes (by Bruno Bordese) are relatively discreet, particularly in comparison to the season's trend of chunky, oversized footwear, while trousers leave a couple of inches of sock exposed for an extra colour accent. We particularly liked a black double-breasted Swakara coat, worn over shirt, tie, V-neck sweater and black mohair stovepipe trousers. In other outfits, a spread collar shirt was worn buttoned to the top but without a tie. All in all, a creative, potentially trend-setting collection, with many intriguing details.

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