Chanel presents Byzance 2010/2011 in their December runway fashion shows Featured

Karl Lagerfeld and his glittering tribute to Byzantium

Having acquired several art houses since 2002, Chanel, due to the the initiative of Karl Lagerfeld, has made a tradition out of honoring them through a fashion show presented in December every year, which sets out to highlight a different city of the world each time. The latest tribute is to the city of Byzantium, and was held in Paris in the private salons of Rue Cambon, which were transformed specially for the occasion into an Ottoman Palace. Gold and black dominate this collection where the dresses became tunics, jackets, and capes. Sheaths and accessories were precious, jewels were added onto satin shoes, gold ply was weaved into the tweed, collars were embroidered with pearls.

Mademoiselle Chanel loved Venice and Byzantine art in the 1930s, so Karl Lagerfeld wanted to revive the magic at the border between East and West through this show, by crossing over the decades, from the 1970s to present day, whilst paying homage to the city of Istanbul, which is about to witness the opening of it's second Chanel boutique in 2011.

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