A new personality in the perfumes kingdom Featured

Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan takes her rightful place amongst the leading perfume formulators

It begins with an almost imperceptible fragrance, a curiosity perfume that rings distant bells at the back of our mind, and slowly, very slowly, we begin to recall a journey, an event, someone from the past. In other words, our memories are triggered most powerfully by our sense of smell. New perfumier Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan knows this perfectly well and that is why she has created her perfume collection. “I have created fragrances for men and women who want to wear a secret perfume like a memory.”

After completing her studies, Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan embarked on a mission to create unique perfumes types made using essential oils for perfume recipes combined with nostalgic memories of her travels. All her fragrances are composed using no more than thirty ingredients – all natural. They include floral scents, wild woods perfume and, in particular, the intense and intriguing citrus bergamot. These fragrances are either loved or hated; they have a personality of their own.

Her perfumes reflect a quest to create unique fragrances, which are also invariably influenced by her love of travel and reading. For Stéphanie, perfumes are like stories stored in a glass bottle. Each story has its own scent. The glass bottles are simple, reflecting purity, each adorned with a minimalist label similar to a bookmark. Each of her lovely fragrances is accompanied by a brief narrative written by Stèphanie describing the creation of the perfume.

Her first fragrance, Eau de Shahine, is a mythical composition dedicated to her first love. Another perfume in her first collection is Li Altarelli, an “everlasting memory of a beautiful summer…” which evokes the fragrance of Corsica in the summertime, with its wild lemons and sea breeze.

Stéphanie uses elements of amber, lemon, wood and sand in Embrun d’Ambre, which is “a perfume of boats, waves and foam…”

Green tea, Moroccan mint and desert spices are magically combined in Un Thé au Sahara, a male fragrance specially created while on a journey across Morocco. Another perfume inspired by her travels in Morocco is Berberiades, “a scent of seduction and mysticism” which fuses citrus, jasmine and oriental spices with a delicate wooden finish.

L’Eau Nirique has a dreamlike quality. It is a very feminine fragrance with notes of astral complexity. This perfume is “a tribute to the exquisite smell of jasmine at night.”

In Voleur de Ciels, Stéphanie courageously broke all the conventional perfumery codes to create a masculine fragrance with hints of leather, petrol, and clouds. She designed this perfume for the man of her life, the man she should have married.

Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan’s perfumes are like an anthology of literature, in the fields of romance, travel and chivalry. Stories awaiting discovery, that will enrich the lives of all those who come into contact with them.

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