Home Cleaning products by The Laundress New York Featured

Non-toxic cleaning products are essential for maintaining a healthy environment in the home

“Tired of buying inferior natural cleaning products or toxic cleaners that were not effective, we decided it was time to make our own,” say Gwen and Lindsey, founders of The Laundress. And so the creative powers of The Laundress were fueled to formulating a solution to their dilemma. Seeking as always, natural, biodegradable ingredients with optimum cleaning efficiency, while at the same time offering a fresh scent of clean.

The result was a combination of multi-purpose cleaning detergents and accessories that followed the company’s philosophy and get the job done. All products are eco-friendly, made from natural ingredients with a concentrated power three times that of conventional detergents, and containing a blend of essential oils, all of which are completely non-toxic.

The Home Cleaning line from The Laundress features a series of indispensable products and accessories. First and foremost, there is their Scented Vinegar, a vinegar-based solution that, just like ordinary vinegar, deodorizes and sanitizes, but without that rather trying smell. Instead, this powerful product has The Laundress’ signature scent No. 247 for a delectable finishing touch.

To reduce the need for numerous products, each designed for a specific material and task, Gwen and Lindsey have created the Surface Cleaner. With just a spray of Surface Cleaner, all your countertops, whether granite, stone or wood, walls, tiles, sinks and other surfaces, will be left shiny and completely sanitized.

The All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate is a concentrated, triple-power solution, ideal for cleaning the entire home. Just add 1/8 cup of this powerful cleaner to a gallon of water, and you have a product that will clean your floors, kitchen and bathroom surfaces with simplicity and practicality.

Another product with the same concentrated power is the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative that offers a safe way to whiten and disinfect the entire home. The solution is completely non-toxic, as it is made using a natural oxygen bleach alternative.

For windows and mirrors, The Laundress has created the Glass & Mirror Cleaner, which is unscented and ammonia-free. It provides a streak-free finish and incredibly clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.


Whether washed by hand or machine, now dishes need just one product, The Laundress Dish Detergent. In fact, it is safe to use for hand or machine-washing. This product uses enzymes to remove grease and food residue, yet it is versatile enough to be used with china, porcelain, glass, steel or silver.

The Laundress Home Spray allows you to refresh the home with the delicate anti-bacterial N*247 scent which is a mix of bergamot, lavender, musk and ylang ylang.

After long hours of cooking, Kitchen Soap is the ideal product for removing the smell of food from hands. This 100% vegetable soap eliminates odours and gently moisturizes the skin.

Since cleaning is not only limited to the home but also to the appliances that you need for cleaning, The Laundress have introduced Machine Cleaner, a natural product for cleaning the washing machine, iron, steamer and dishwasher after a hard day’s work. It is specially designed to remove calcium, iron and limescale from appliances, thus extending their life.

And of course, The Home Cleaning line could not be complete without the appropriate instruments needed to use these products. For the scrubbing and polishing involved in house cleaning tasks, The Laundress has carefully selected and designed several essential tools. There are cleaning cloths made in 100% lint-free cotton, for the most efficient and luxurious dusting process. There is a wooden Scrub Brush with ergonomic design, made with natural Tampico bristles, ideal for cleaning problematic areas. For stubborn food stains on pots and pans, use the Dish Brush, also made in wood and Tampico bristles, with a design that makes it easy to remove any unwanted stains from your dishes. Lastly, there is a period-look white-enamelled metal Cleaning Pail, which can be used to soak and carry all your cleaning products.

For your next cleaning spree, forget all those chemical products that smell strongly of toxic substances, and use The Laundress’ 13 Home Cleaning products, to ensure that a luxury home remains a safe and healthy environment.