Loro Piana introduces the Lotus Flower Fiber Featured

A fine aquatic fiber for Spring/Summer 2011

Loro Piana, provider of the finest cashmere and wool products, and luxury sportswear designer, has recently introduced the ‘discovery’ of a natural and antique raw material, the Lotus flower fiber. The fiber has never before been used in the Western textile industry and is a rare find. Extracted from the stems of lotus flowers from the Burma lakes, the fiber must be weaved within 24 hours to avoid deterioration.

The Loro Piana Lotus Flower® is said to be one of the finest aquatic fibers ever, creating the perfect summer fabric thanks to its exceptional breathability, soft and irregular weft, and resistance to creasing. The fabric has the appearance of antique linen or raw silk and is available only in its natural color, ecru.

In the coming months the fabric will be available in extremely limited quantities of 20-30 spring jackets. Loro Piana is committed to working with the local Burmese populations in support of their lotus flower extraction so that this ancient tradition will not be lost.

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