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There is only one name for high-end Spanish lingerie: Andrés Sardà

It all began amidst the bullet bras and wonder bras, the pantyhose and the high-waisted ‘grandma’ panties that were all part of fashion in the 1960s. That was an age of extremes. Women wore either rigid, shape-modeling undergarments or opted for an au-natural style (it is worthwhile remembering that burning bras was a common practice back then). It was in those years that Andrés Sardà had his dream. He saw women’s undergarment fashions around him and decided to create something different. He wanted to make lingerie that was more delicate, more appealing – in essence, more feminine.

Coming from a family with close links to the textile industry, and being a textile engineer himself, Andrés Sardà decided to set out on his quest for the perfect lingerie for women.

He sought the softest and lightest fabrics, the most seductive lace patterns and the most attractive colors. He used the best materials he could find and combined them with his knowledge of textiles to produce the finest lingerie possible. Garments that were light, sophisticated and above all highly attractive. The appearance of his earliest products coincided with the launch of his own lingerie company, named simply Andrés Sardà.

His unique designs rapidly won attention and admiration from the society circuit, including figures such as Jacqueline Kennedy. His company progressively acquired a prestigious position in the international marketplace, to a degree that had never before been achieved by a Spanish brand. The Andrés Sardà marque has continued to produce lovely garments, hallmarked by superb designs and absolute dedication to the craft, year after year, incorporating the latest technology and materials. His designs have been showcased by the world’s top models, and photographed by the fashion industry’s leading photographers.

In 1970, Andrés Sardà introduced his swimwear collection, which enjoyed a highly successful debut. His designs were completely original, with fascinating colors that reflected the designer’s Barcelona origins.

Andrés Sardà is remarkable for his creativity, but at the same time he leaves no room for improvisation. The brand’s organization is impeccable, from product design, to crafting, fashion shows and ad campaigns. From very early on, Sardà steered his company into international waters, far beyond the reach of any other Spanish brands. Today, Andrés’ daughter Nuria has taken over the company as creative director. She has inherited her father’s imagination and dedication.

Year after year, the collections obtain enthusiastic receptions on the runways of Cibeles in Madrid, successively confirmed by excellent performance on the global market place. The latest Fall/Winter Collection is no exception. The collection is divided into different lines, named after important museums around the world, highlighting the collection’s ties to architecture. Nuria has carefully selected the most sophisticated fabrics, patterns and colors for the various themes of the collection, which include the Art Deco motifs of Orsay in delicate lace and silk, the geometric patterns and bold colors of Macba, the refined elegance of Barbican, and the colorful originality of MoMA. The results can truly be described as works of art in the medium of luxury lingerie.

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