Gianfranco Ferrè spring summer 2011 Featured

A collection that combines contemporary accents with the brand's classic sophistication

Simplicity, purity, lightness and softness: these are the four leitmotifs in the urban fashion for women for the 2011 spring summer season, with the collection designed by Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi for Italian marque Gianfranco Ferrè.
The fashion show presented the unmistakable Ferrè style, which has always evoked the concept of luxury, style and sophistication, though this year there are accents reflecting the new, frenetic rhythms of modern society. The Ferrè woman wears nothing superfluous and nothing that detracts from the female figure and feminine beauty. Colours are black and white, with shades of cream, ochre, sand and ivory, with sporadic appearances of fresher and brighter shades, fuchsia, green and violet, whose brilliance recalls the sheen of crystals.

The two fashion designers are obviously envisaging a Ferrè woman of dynamic and active personality. A woman who cannot afford to be restricted in her movements and wishes to feel absolutely free in whatever she is doing. The garments follow the body and its forms in a comfortable, natural and light way. Volumes are fluid and flowing in order to meet the requirements of everyday life.

Clean-cut jackets have small shoulders. Skirts are cut above the knee, worn with blouses and micropants that suggest new urban solutions. Materials and accessories are fundamental for defining the context and completing a style. With these objectives, the Maison gives a new look to its memorable textiles: leather and macramé with touches of embroidery and origami, which give them a new sense of movement and enhance their contemporary sensuality.

Perhaps Gianfranco Ferrè is a maison that, this year, could not be described as having revolutionized Italian fashion. But there is no doubt that it has succeeded in creating a new interpretation of current fashion trends in harmony with the brand approach in which a natural elegance is a pivotal factor. This elegance has been made practical and simple by means of superb craftsmanship, and this will always be a significant part of the maison's heritage.

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