John Richmond Spring/Summer 2011 Featured

Give peace a chance

The John Richmond show opened with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and continued with the Beatles theme throughout. However, the collection seemed way more Stones than Beatles, with its Jagger-inspired low-rise rocker flare pants, and flowy hippie tops, circa Black and Blue.

Skinny shoulders, wide lapels, hot pants, and floor length floral dresses were designed to convey the ‘post hippie chic’ theme. There was even some tie-dye thrown in, in the form of cardigans and hot pink t-shirt dresses.

Lace makes the transformation from winter to spring in a variety of forms in antique white, including drawstring pants and maxi dresses. Purples, pinks, green and jade featured heavily. Also white…in fact the show began with a long line of bejeweled white pantsuits.

Highlights were a pair of high-waisted nude colored silk pants, and a floral halter dress, which arrived to the tune of Give Peace a Chance.

The shows’ finale was a floor length emerald green floor length dress, followed by the designer’s entrance and a rendering of Hare Krishna.

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