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A new formulation from La Mer cosmetics

For eyes that remain unaffected by age, La Mer cosmetics maison has recently presented The Eye Balm Intense, an innovative treatment for the skin around the eyes that helps accelerate the natural skin renewal process, in turn revitalizing that delicate area of the body. This is yet another advance based on the work conducted by Dr. Max Huber almost fifty years ago, when he used marine algae, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients to create an elixir of marine origins capable of rejuvenating skin. He called his creation "The Miracle Broth." La Mer has applied the active ingredients of the Miracle Broth to create The Eye Balm Intense.

The area around the eye is particularly vulnerable to fluid accumulation that can mar appearance. The Eye Balm Intense has a triple concentration of marine elixirs - Miracle Broth, the latest generation of Marine De-Puff Ferment, and the exclusive Lifting Ferment. The Eye Balm Intense gives the skin immediate comfort, with a sensation of freshness and moisturization. Over time, wrinkles become less marked, swellings are reduced, and the eyes attain a new luminosity. These benefits remain over time, preparing the face so that it can enter advancing age with a youthful appearance.
One of the three principal ingredients of The Eye Balm Intense is in a three-part solution, the original La Mer formulation, plus a concentrate, plus an encapsulated, gradual release preparation. The original Miracle Broth is based on bio-fermented marine algae, a process using other natural ingredients and lasting 3-4 months.

Light and sound energy are used to enhance the beneficial effects of the organic life-substances. Every time the original Miracle Broth is produced, a few drops of the original ferment from the previous fermentation is added, to maintain a chain that runs right back to Dr. Huber's original research. The Miracle Broth Concentrate is produced by means of a three-day cooling and vacuum process that intensifies the concentration of the ingredients, increasing the softening, toning and moisturizing effects that they have on the skin. The encapsulated version of Miracle Broth was created in order to extend the effects of these substances.
Marine De-Puff Ferment utilizes a specific form of marine algae rich in energy: deep-sea Red Algae. Precisely the fact that these algae receive little light forces them to photosynthesize in a very special manner, and this means that they contain a different array of organic substances. The algae are bio-fermented to produce The Marine De-Puff Ferment. This is then combined with a rare tourmaline with piezoelectric properties to form a Smart Sea Gel that infuses its properties deep into the skin, revitalizing it, with remarkable effects particularly on the areas surrounding the eyes.

The third principal ingredient of The Eye Balm Intense is The Lifting Ferment, a new formulation based on Marine Peptide Ferment, Phyto Ferment and Mineral Ferment. it reinforces the connective tissue that supports the skin, giving it better tone and greater elasticity. It also contains a powerful anti-ageing marine algae, and a range of essential minerals. As a result, it helps the skin to reinforce its own "natural architecture," increasing collagen and elastin production essential in fighting the effects of age.
The product itself is further enhanced by the special applicator covered in silver, which helps stimulate the microcirculation. The applicator was designed so that it collects the appropriate amount of product for each application.

Best effects are achieved by daily use, passing the tip of the applicator from the skin at the temple, moving below the eye towards the nose and back again. La Mer also recommends (and describes) the use of an acupressure massage that helps revitalize the eye area during the night. Last but not least, the treatment is further enhanced by the use of a moisturizing Crème de La Mer.
The Eye Balm Intense will be available from late September 2010, in a 15 ml format.
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