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Brigitte Bardot contributes to Lancel's design of a handbag under the BB label, and a new icon is born

Angèle Lancel considered the handbag to be an instrument of feminine seduction, and if there is one woman who personifies this seduction, it has to be Brigitte Bardot. Mischievous and spontaneous, provocative and sassy, sensual and feline, star of classic movies such as “And God Created Woman”, "A Very Private Affair" and “Contempt,” her beauty, voice, free spirit and dancing seduced and fascinated us all.

For the Lancel maison it seemed natural to dedicate a handbag to such an icon, and so the BB Bag was created, with Brigitte Bardot taking part in the entire design process in order to design a bag that truly reflects her image. The result is a good portrait of her personality, her figure, and her commitment to animal causes, combining female aesthetics with eco-friendliness.

Just like a curvaceous body, the handbag’s silhouette is perfect. Its bucket shape is generous, its metal buckle is sensual and delicate, its pom-poms are like wavy hair, and its inspiration is the eternal woman.

Reflecting the animal protection cause, it is designed respecting fauna and flora. The BB does not use animal skins. It is made of tweed and 100% organic alcantara, without any chemical dyeing or tanning processes.

Brigitte Bardot became a role model, and her style is still copied today. In this bag, loyal fans will recognise the icon who inspired it. The twisted handle recalls her characteristic headband. Each interior pocket bears the name of one of her favourite locations, such as la Madrague (St. Tropez), and the lining is in Vichy print.

In pink, blue, apricot, grey, ivory, or mocha, the BB could already be compared to a colour motion picture. The golden initials on the bag make it a star – well on its way to becoming a cult object.

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