Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011 collection: tough and assymmetric Featured

The show coincided with the launch of Burberry Acoustic, channel for the discovery of new talent

British musicians, actors and artists were present at the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show, which was also broadcast in live streaming direct from Milan at http://live.burberrry.com. This channel also launched the first three Burberry Acoustic videos. Burberry Acoustic is in fact a channel designed expressly for the discovery and launch of new British talent on the music scene. Burberry confirms its commitment to new media by making it possible to order the outwear and accessories displayed in the show at burberry.com up until 27 June. The garments ordered will be delivered in a time varying from six to eight weeks.

The Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2011 collection is named "Biker tradition," and it was directed by Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer at Burberry. The collection features classic trenches, short motorbike jackets, aviator jackets and other classic Burberry outwear, but the truly original feature of the collection is represented by the combinations with accessories, above all the variants on the string vest which featured in many of the outfits on the catwalk. Footwear was also interesting, with black gladiator sandals creating an accent coordinating or contrasting with the jacket or trench. Other noteworthy highlights are officer boots, tough assymmetric black leather waistcoats, and motorbike leathers-type trousers. The tough look is enhanced by the outsize trench and leather jacket collars as seen previously, but with added details such as assymmetric buttons, pockets, epaulettes and zips. Colours are principally military green, olive drab, mustard yellow, beige, black, ink blue-black, ultramarine blue, and the white, off-white and greys used for the ubiquitous string vests. The latter create an interesting contrast, because while the outerwear is about cladding and covering, the vests leave the skin partly in view, and likewise the semi-transparent vests that were also seen provided the same effect.

This contrast was most intense in a very military combination of olive-green trousers and shirt outfit, with the shirt sporting two breast pockets, and epaulettes with pop fasteners: the shirt is made in a semi-transparent fabric, and the black leather belt is outside and below the loops on the trousers, with punk-type details of studs and chain. A different type of contrast took the form of high-waisted, loose-cut trousers with an aggressive-looking brown leather waistcoat with studs and a checkerboard pattern formed by embossed work on the leather (interestingly, one of the very few veiled references to the Burberry check motif).

All in all, a hymn to fashion creativity. Once again, Burberry have hit the spot...

The Burberry Acoustic project also involves Christopher Bailey, who personlly selected the artists. The musicians are filmed exclusively for Burberry in the UK. The first track featured on http://live-burberry.com is "Alleyway" by Life in Film; this is accompanied by "Misty" and "Life in Film".

Fashion show video: http://live-burberry.com

Purchase Burberry Prorsum men Spring-Summer 2011 on line (until 27 June 2010): www.burberry.com