A new brand: Alexau Featured

Designed to appeal to the luxury yachting sector

Neapolitan brand Alexau was created to appeal to all those for whom yachts, sailing and the sting of spray on the skin are an important part of life. The new fashion brand will be presented on 24 June 2010, at 11 a.m., at Villa Rocca Matilde, in the Posillipo district of Naples, with a fashion show at the same location in the evening.
The collection was created by Italy's youngest operative fashion designer, Alessandro Legora De Feo. He is just 20, but he created the concept and the new collection in its entirety. The garments are hallmarked by textiles such as hemp, cotton and silk, along with luxury jewellery decoration. The collection was not based on high-tech textiles, nor was it inspired by yacht club luxury events: it reflects a more informal "after yachting" style, suitable for moments such as a cognac in the cockpit, aperitifs on the marina jetty, or dinner at the club.

The collection will also be presented on 22 June 2010 in Milan during an event in Piazza Scala, alongside other important fashion names.