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Chantelle, offers a new sense of femininity to women around the world

The reputation of French lingerie throughout the world is not a myth but an undeniable reality. Calais lace, ribbons, Dotted Swiss and fishnet: these few words conjure up a soft sensuality mixed with an unrivalled savoir-faire. Say the word Chantelle and you will be immediately propelled into a very Parisian world full of beautiful and delicate lace that oozes femininity. The brand has been offering style, elegance and glamour to a particular kind of woman since 1949.

A family saga: from ‘the girdle which doesn’t roll up’ to the mythical ‘Africa’
The story begins in 1876 when M.Gamichon, a maker of stretchy knitwear, had the great idea to join forces with his nephew, Maurice Kretz, to create a line of corsets. Together they came up with an innovative collection based on elasticated fabrics. In 1949 they called their little business Chantelle. The 1950s was when lingerie really came into fashion. After the creation of these innovative girdles, the arrival of the first bras in the 1960s allowed the brand to become the liberated woman’s best friend. And the success story didn’t end there, since every decade has its defining model: Hedona, Chantilly and most recently Africa. And in keeping with tradition, the Kretz family still has control over the company. We await many more pleasant surprises in the future.

Innovation and creativity
Chantelle combines old-school savoir faire with revolutionary materials whilst always working with the newest trends, thus setting itself apart from all other French upscale lingerie brands. The brand knows how to seduce women thanks to its high quality corsetry, which takes inspiration from fashion to the Parisian woman herself. A famously irresistible French allure, the silhouettes perfectly cling to a woman’s forms while the enveloping lace-incrusted satins will leave you open-mouthed.

And if we need to further extol the virtues of seduction that a Chantelle bra can offer you, we can confirm that the softness and transparence of the materials will ensure you a timeless femininity. And let’s not forget the vital details: this famous fit and daily support is due to years of research and listening to real women, as well as the incredible lightness which makes us almost forget we’re wearing anything...

You are able to accentuate your personality without giving anything away; deceive appearances with protective lingerie – these pieces of fabric are full of charm. Embodied by Stephanie Seymour, immortalised by Peter Lindbergh and famous photographer Kate Barry, while the collections change from year to year they are still incredibly seductive and overflowing with femininity. Here nothing is out of the question for a fashionable yet gracefully sensual woman. The Spring/Summer 2010 collection draws inspiration from the Parisian woman: spontaneous and a little cheeky. Lots of catwalk-inspired denim, black and red, romantic baroque-style floral motifs, heralding a season of passion. And if you haven’t already done so, the only thing left for you to do is try them out for yourself! It’s said that the brand gained its reputation purely by word of mouth so don’t hesitate to spread the word around your friends.

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