Luxury leather on set, with Jennifer Aniston in The Bounty Hunter Featured

"Sofia" by Salvatore Ferragamo featured in the movie

Salvatore Ferragamo's classic handbag Sofia, is on the set of “The Bounty Hunter” with Jennifer Aniston. The iconic bag plays a key role in the star’s look in this action comedy premiering in the spring and co-starring Gerard Butler.
In the movie, Aniston wears a black skirt, pumps that get lost as the story unfolds, and a simple black Sofia bag - soft and impeccable - always at her side, despite the film’s hot pursuits and narrow escapes.

With its soft, full, rectangular shape, semi-rigid handle, detachable strap and large metal Gancino clasp, Sofia appears in elegant black leather. Sofia combines the business bag and roomy day bag in one fashionable piece. Its clean, soft lines accentuate the leather and make it perfect for business, daytime use, but also for a more sophisticated or early evening look that tastefully interprets contemporary Ferragamo style.
“The Bounty Hunter” premieres in the United States on 19 March 2010. Jennifer Aniston plays Nicole Hurly, a reporter without scruples, out of jail on bail and hiding from the law. Her ex- husband, the bounty hunter Milo Boyd, is hired to arrest her. But the job of his dreams is about to turn sour when he realizes that someone is out to kill Nicole, and only he can save her.

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