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Haute Couture spring - summer womens fashion 2010

Now more than ever, haute couture is a priceless art form. It’s fashion’s ultimate expression of craftsmanship, creativity, and it is a life’s work of a couturier. But most of all it’s about living out a dream. This season, inspirations for some of the biggest courturiers traveled far and wide – from the galaxy all the way to the Apocalypse.

Seventh Heaven
Inspired by the moonlight, Giorgio Armani Privé spring/summer 2010 collection reveals a new universe. A luminous palette of silver, mother-of-pearl, icy green, and the palest pink emanates a lightness of being. As with the house of Giorgio Armani, fabrics are the star of the show as their fluidity and lightweight enhances the ethereal look. To balance out the dreaminess of things, a sleek and precisely-executed silhouette beckons us back to Earth. Lines evocative of crescents, half moon and quarters are sharp and sophisticated. As with the signature elegance of Giorgio Armani, we cannot go without a few elegant black cocktail dresses in between. This collection is a bit of heaven, a bit of mother earth. Mysterious and precious like Aurora Borealis.

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Neon Baroque
There was no little black dress, no gold, no chains. Yet, it was utterly Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld pays homage to the quintessential Chanel look with a beautiful mix of pastel and silver colours. He expressed that the original idea came to him in a flash, seemingly out of nowhere. And the result is this beautiful spring/summer 2010 haute couture collection. A vision came true, reference to the Chanel roots is still strong with a reinterpretation of the tweed suit, jackets, little coats and skirts. The refreshing palette ranges from water color yellows, pinks, cloud grays, pistachio greens, a bit of acid tones, and of course, silver. Heart-shaped, streaked hair is a touch of eccentricity that make the Chanel woman a timeless icon.

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Runaway Runaway
Things are never quite so simple at the House of Dior. And certainly for John Galliano, his design is never what you’d expect. Equestrian sports were the inspiration for Christian Dior haute couture spring/summer 2010 collection. Riding jackets, halter-neck dresses and riding skirts are cut in Monsieur Dior’s favourite English fabrics like red grain de poudre, with a great sense of drama and romance. As the collection presents eveningwear, cocktail dresses in softest pink, pale yellow and palest blue are accessorised with huge chandelier earrings, high chokers with large cameos, and oversized cuffs. A bit of Gibson Girl, a bit of American heiress, turn-of-the-century women never looked so good.

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21st-century Apocalypse
The eternal enfant terrible of fashion, Jean-Paul Gaultier, has been a veritable couturier for over 30 years. Endlessly creative, he turns to an apocalyptic, Aztec era for inspiration. Add a little legend of the conquistadors and a lot of genuine tailoring, and you have the amazing Jean-Paul Gaultier haute couture spring/summer 2010 collection. The strength of plaited hair sculptures, a strong shoulder and sensuous armour are softened by materials like feathers, silk and suede. The palette ranges from very vibrant to very romantic. Every exotic reference was mixed beautifully in this unbelievable fiesta. Topped off with a giant sombrero, the Jean-Paul Gaultier woman is fearless.

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