Shoes in fashion - Church's autumn-winter 2010-2011 collection Featured

Church's explores the wild side

Luxury shoe brands perpetuating the high-quality footwear tradition will always be shoes in fashion . Beautiful suede, warm hues and fringe appliqués characterize women’s footwear by Church’s next autumn/winter. The theme is woodland romance, but with a twist in texture. Ballerinas come in tri-colour palette of cherry red, violet, dark brown with a perforated fringe appliqué. The classic Burwood is also reinterpreted with the new fringe while colours range from espresso, hazelnut to fern. As regards the luxury mens shoes range, Church’s revisits its Country Collection, with a big fringe applied to leather innovatively treated for a unique, aged look. Incorporating the signature “Good Year Welted” construction, the new College mocassin is made of suede and comes in autumnal colours.

Then and Now
Thomas Church and his sons – Alfred, William and Thomas Jr. – founded Church’s in Northhampton in 1873. Ever since the Middle Ages, the city has been the centre of footwear craftsmanship, and the Church family could trace their experience in the production of handmade men’s shoes back as far as 1675. Church’s was the first British shoemaker that came up with pairs of left and right shoes at a time when shoes were sold as straights. The Church’s business prospered in just a few years after its founding, and by the beginning of the 20th century, Church’s entered the American, Canadian and South American markets.

Good Year Welted Construction
Taking up the eight weeks to produce, a pair of Church’s shoes has to go through 250 manual operations before it leaves the factory. What makes Church’s special is its “Good Year Welted” Construction where the upper and the sole are first stitched to a welt, which is a strip of hand-cut leather. The welt is then stitched to the bottom of the shoes. This construction is complex but reliable. Back in the days, it also allowed the customer have Church’s full refurbishment service to change the sole of the shoes. This service continues Church’s tradition of expertise craftsmanship and using only top-quality leather. In fact, Church’s shoes will last for a long, long time with proper care.

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