Ferragamo working with Chinese contemporary artist Xue Song: latest urban fashions Featured

The Maison's continuing link with the world of art

A new departure in the designer leather wallet and fashion tote bags in this series of products by Salvatore Ferragamo. Culture has always been important for Salvatore Ferragamo, ever since the 1920s in California, when the Maison’s founder understood how much the worlds of fashion and culture (and not only the cinema) had in common in terms of history and creativity. He also understood the enormous communicative energy that could be produced by their combination.

Many important artists have been involved with the Florentine brand. Futurist painter Lucio Venna created the Maison’s first advertising campaign in the 30's, Pietro Annigoni painted Salvatore Ferragamo’s portrait and also an image of the Florence headquarters, Palazzo Spini Feroni, that was used on the company’s head letter from the 1950s right through to the early 1980s.
Today, the brand Salvatore Ferragamo continues to dedicate resources to project in this area. The latest cooperative enterprise has been launched with famous Chinese contemporary artist Xue Song.

Xue Song is well known in the field for the innovative ways in which he combines contemporary elements with others that are a part of the collective cultural memory. Aspects of traditional Chinese art forms, such as calligraphy, folk art and ink paintings, are combined with modern techniques in Xue Song’s works. The artist visited the Ferragamo headquarters in Florence in August 2009. He was amazed to discover the brand’s historical archive, and saw that the various experiments performed over the years were ground-breaking at the time, and are still contemporary today.
Inspired by what he had seen in the Museum archive, Xue Song created a unique painting, featuring two fierce tigers, a cherished animal for Chinese culture by virtue of its power, ferocity, beauty and vivacity. It symbolizes the aspiration for progress and realization.

Xue Song’s complex technique enhances the majesty of the tigers. The painting has been incorporated into a collection of handbags, wallets and a casual t-shirt, with a red or white background.
The artwork superbly enhances two limited edition daywear bags.
The young, fun and lightweight leather tote bag with a double Gancino closure is the perfect accessory for any occasion.
A sophisticated top handle bag has carefully crafted details that creatively reinterpret the Gancino icons, subtle ornamentation on the leather handles and the decorative belt.
Both handbags are realized in lambskin leather and two skins are required to make one bag.

Xue Song’s artwork is beautifully incorporated in the special fashion tote bags as a result of the brilliant crafts skills at the Salvatore Ferragamo maison. More specifically, the image is rendered by screen-printing. The complex techniques used by the Chinese artist for the background gives vibrant energy to the sleek design of the wallets range: continental and square sizes, with Xue Song’s tigers on the flap. The same screen-printing technique is used on the designer leather wallets though at a smaller scale.
The T-shirt is ideal for casual occasions.

The wallets and totes stores involved are as exclusive as the collection. In fact it willl be launched exclusively at the Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques at Canton Road, Tsimshatsui and The Mandarin Oriental, Central, Hong Kong, from mid May 2010.
Exclusively for the brand’s top clientele, in-store events will be held at the boutique at Canton Road, Tsimshatsui on May 25, 2010 to celebrate the launch. Guests will have the opportunity of meeting the artist himself.

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29 March, 2010