Alessandra Gucci's Armonia: three ranges, 99 models Featured

The new collection of bags by AG Limited Editions

When the name is Alessandra Gucci, the first question is unavoidable. Any relation? Of course. Alessandra is directly related to the famous Gucci family and fashion house, though her company, AG Limited Editions, is completely separate and entirely her own. Born in Milan, Italy, she is 33 years old and lives in St. Moritz, Switzerland. She began her fashion career at Ungaro and then at Gilli, and wrote a regular column for MF fashion. But enterprise is something that runs in the family, and so in November 2005 she decided to launch her own handbags range. This led to AG Limited Editions and the first collection, The First, in 2008, for which the models were named Rodolfo (after her grandfather), Maurizio (father) and Alessandra.

The new collection is named Armonia. By way of explanation for this name, Alessandra likes to quote an excerpt from Osho, Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen, Life is Harmony. “Osho, whenever I come close to you I immediately smell a certain fragrance. What fragrance is it? I don’t use any perfume – I cannot. That fragrance has nothing to do with any perfume. It is the fragrance of harmony, it is the music. It expresses itself in a multi-dimensional way. Sometimes you will hear it as a silent sound like a murmur, the wind passing through the pine trees, or the sound of running water. Sometimes you will hear it as music and sometimes you will experience it as a smell, a beautiful fragrance. Sometimes you will see it as an aura, a light, very mysterious. But the man of Zen simply lives in harmony, and out of harmony all these things are manifested”.

Alessandra broadens the concept in her own words. "Harmony makes things shine so that they seem to dance with musical rhythm, and you are the conductor at the centre of the podium, baton in hand; you and only you have the power to make the big dream dance. Harmony is like a concert, a combination of fine colours and tastes. My new bag collection, Armonia, is the result of this approach. The pieces are entirely made in Italy, with the assistance of a craftsman, a friend of the family, whose workshops are in the heart of Milan, and with a tannery, a short distance away, with whom AG Limited Editions began its adventure last year with the collection The First”.

Alessandra continues: “Armonia is inspired by the same principles as The First: Italian craftsmanship, a careful selection of materials, well-defined colours and shapes, and lots of creativity. After the Mississipiensis alligator, this time I have selected valuable, refined and rustic materials, natural nuances and strong colours, all in perfect Armonia. For the Luce model I decided to use python skin, with delicate colours and superb workmanship, so that it becomes as soft as silk to touch, combined with ton sur ton nabuk or nappa leather. The result is a piece that is extremely pleasant to handle, beautiful to see, and ideal for use every day with simplicity and elegance. The colours are very natural and fresh, including shades such as moonstone, powder sky blue, powder rose pink, cherry heart red and Ayers rock."

The designer explains the materials used. "For the Aroma model, I selected ostrich leg skin leather, which is slightly rustic, but which is softened to make it luxurious and enticing. Aroma is available in the colours chocolate, myrtle, macadamia and blueberry. For the Sinfonia model, I chose toned python skin again, but which this time has undergone a further manual processing technique, making it similar to cloth, like a silk scarf with white polka dots, tied to the handle of the very soft cream coloured nappa leather hand-bag. This model is available in the colours cherry, caramel and blueberry on a base of cream nappa. All the hand-bags have the torchon handle that has become an AG Limited Editions hallmark, but this time the shapes are soft, vaporous, enveloping and light: a perfect combination of proportions, beauty and wearability. Details such as threads, stitching and zips are witty and sophisticated, expressing the highest quality of Italian craftsmanship."

Armonia is a limited edition collection dedicated to sophisticated women, for whom a concert, colours and tastes produce a pleasant effect and are gratifying to the senses. In order to make Armonia even more exclusive, every boutique will stock a different colour.

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