Clothes and fashion tips - spring-summer 2010 Guess Accessories Featured

Wild West urban fashion for women in this spirited collection

A world apart from latest urban fashions , the spring-summer 2010 Guess Accessories campaign brings the Wild West into the present. The photography was performed in Venice, California, and it features rustic textures such as rough wood surfaces and barrels. The suggestion is that of a journey into the wilds of the pioneers.
The photographs, with the model featuring a typically Italian hair fashion style, feature a wide selection of Guess accessories, subdivided into two major categories: Denim Revolution and Global Escape. These complement the categories of Guess garments for the season.

Denim Revolution includes the spring collection based on the Wild West theme, and it comprises the Cowgirl and Kalina Jungle collections, and the Denim Revolution range of jewellery. The Global Escape range comprises more ethnic and Bohemian products, such as large bags decorated with studs and other mixed media elements, and the ranges of jewellery titled Flower Basics, Tribal Lounge and Up In Arms. Shoes feature high heels and laces, in the colours pale off-white, flesh towns and metallic colours, the latter coordinating with the trendy metal appliques in the bags and jewellery collections, so that the two principal collections can be mixed and matched at will. The eyewear imagery reveals the sophisticated detailing that makes Guess a favourite amongst fashionistas worldwide.

The spring-summer 2010 Guess Accessories campaign was directed by Guess Vice President and CEO Paul Marciano, and by photographer Yu Tsai. The models were Vanessa Hessler and Bruno Santos, who also featured in the principal Guess spring 2010 campaign. "What we tried to achieve was to suggest that the Guess Jeans campaign and the Accessories campaign appeared as a single, continuous narrative," said Paul Marciano. "The Guess accessories designers draw inspiration from the main collection, and in the same way, the Accessories collection develops the Western idea presented in the Guess jeans campaign.

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