Karl Lagerfeld designs the world's most expensive safe Featured

A dramatically beautiful security safe for watches

Created by probably the most gifted designer of our time, a spectacular high-security safe has been developed on paper in Paris, which the specialists at the house of Döttling in Maichingen have built for the coming generations: the “Narcissus.”
A puristic room installation at first glance, the safe only reveals its capabilities when it identifies its owner and has been activated by him. Then two handcrafted interior cabinets containing watch winders and jewelry drawers emerge from its steel body, which weighs 800 kilos and is sheathed in high-gloss, chrome-plated aluminum. Fully automatically, as if controlled by an invisible hand.
The masterpiece, with its fully reflective surfaces, pays tribute to the personality and aesthetics of its counterpart when closed, enshrining all that is of highest value to its owner impregnably in its interior.

At 1.80 m high and 1.0 m wide but just 30 cm deep, the “Narcissus” breaks through previous aesthetic and technical limits. The world has never seen such a slim high-security safe before.
This highly innovative safe is also a very personal statement by a public figure who has made, and continues to make, history in the worlds of fashion and photography.
Naturally, the first model is reserved for its créateur, Karl Lagerfeld, who photographed it personally.

Probably the most modern and, at 250,000 euros, also the most expensive coffre-fort in the world will be irrevocably limited to a small production run of 30 specimens.
“I am not interested in what people want. I’ve designed a safe that I would like to own and which will stand in my home. Markus Döttling built it for me,” commented Karl Lagerfeld, referring to his masterpiece.
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