Jil Sander limited edition "Little Red" cocktail dress Featured

Just seven of these silk crêpe dresses

For the world wide launch of the movie I Am Love with Oscar Winner Tilda Swinton, directed by Luca Guadagnino, Jil Sander has re-edited the "Little Red", the most prominent cocktail dress in the movie. In a limited edition of 7, this silk crêpe dress is now exclusively available at Jil Sander online store.

The dress is one piece of the wardrobe for Mrs. Swinton’s movie character Emma that was entirely created by Jil Sander.

“Emma Recchi’s wardrobe for the movie epitomizes the Jil Sander values, combining a refined simplicity with superior materials and understated luxury”, Raf Simons, Creative Director Jil Sander, states.

“... what we were looking for was an extremely subtle dialogue within the film with Emma’s wardrobe: one that expresses things not overt in her behaviour otherwise. We needed a ‘period’ wardrobe, from a particular time and milieu, in a certain sense a uniform, but one that had the capacity to change delicately as her story develops through the narrative,” added Tilda Swinton.

The “Little Red” perfectly underlines the bourgeois yet modern sophistication of her character in particular and adequately mirrors the sensual and feminine appeal of the Jil Sander woman in general.

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