Gianfranco Ferré Collection Featured

Fall/Winter 2010-2011

The Gianfranco Ferrè collection, designed by Tommaso Aquilani and Roberto Rimondi, expresses a fresh vision reflecting a highly contemporary approach.

Volumes, fabrics and colours are in harmony with the purity of the shapes. Silhouettes are slim, the short cuts and the deep slits underline the super femininity of young and dynamic women.

Tailoring skills are pivotal in creating material contrasts and heightening the sense of a clean and uncluttered appearance, contributing to the pure and precise silhouette. The collection ranges from practical, everyday items to the sophisticated allure of eveningwear. Rich cashmere meltons and silk maroquins alternate with mannish doubleweave grisailles or thick leather.

Ribbon laces that hold the shirts closed are the only decorative elements, along with the chain-belts.

Colours range from natural camel hues to a mannish palette of greys, including the season’s highlights of black and white with surprising touches of lacquer red.

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