Top fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana present the women's winter 2011 collection Featured

Tailored jackets, crochet, floral fabrics, polka dots: the fascination of the past

The buzzword of Dolce & Gabbana's women for winter 2011 is heritage, confirming the current fashion trends seen on the runway in recent shows. The D&G video on the show (see last page) expresses nostalgia for fashion the way it used to be, with fashion design sketches transformed into garments direct on the model. Womens designer fashion in this case features the impeccable fit created by quality tailoring, with carefully calibrated volumes and proportions, for various jacket lengths; and the use of generous amounts of glossy, luxury fabric to create classical Greek (kouros) and Indian effects.

The effect is, in a way, rather androgynous, an effect underlined by the short hair styling, and the use of jackets. Some of the imagery seems formal male without the lower half. There is a world of the past, featuring black, crochet, macramé, lace and drapery fabrics, with flowery and citrus colours. Sensuality is born from transparency, softness and seduction, with an interplay of long and short garments, and contrasts between fabric types, such as chiffon with knitwear, on both dresses and jackets. Period elements recall the fashion of the twenties and the Charleston era, again the hair, but also the artfully simple dresses, the period-style headset, and rich metallic necklace/collars that contrast with the elemental style of the garment.

The fabric motifs include leopard, polka dot and floral prints, while colours feature bordeaux and metals alongside black and gold. There are touches of Sicily, such as the evocative black veil which never fails to conjur up memories of films based in that Mediterranean island...
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