Red carpet fashion: the Ports 1961 Fall 2010 show Featured

A selection of still photos, plus the runway video

The Ports 1961 Fall 2010 show at the New York fashion week confirmed Tia Cibani's approach of combining tradition and modernity, expanding on her work in the last season dedicated to the beauty of nature. This time the show was exploring the contrasts between nature and technology. She herself said, "I like the idea of taking something traditional and giving it a modern spin."

The "tension between nature and technology," as described in the printed introduction on the seats, took the form of traditional fabrics in combination with glossy, liquid-look neoprene, rubberised detailing, wellies, exposed zips, and colours equally distributed between greyscale and mulberry, metallic ginger, purple, Bordeaux red, painterly bluish print dresses, and pale sage green on oversize ceramic necklaces with giant beads. Hair was generally high volume, 1980s style.

As can be seen in these runway fashion pictures, many of the dresses were sharp and sculptural, but there were also lovely draped dresses recalling Ancient Greek sculpture, with a myriad of fluid pleats. Ports 1961 is an all-American brand famous for its pieces that are both modern and wearable, and this collection was no exception. The close-fitting leather hats and some of the leather garments seem to connect with American aviator Amelia Earhart, subject of a film released a couple of months ago.

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