Glamoxy Snake Serum by Rodial: the alternative to Botox Featured

A recent new product that is making waves and smoothing wrinkles

Rodial's new cream Glamoxy Snake Serum is claimed to offer the same wrinkle-smoothing effects as Botox, but with the considerable advantage of being a cream rather than requiring subcutaneous injection. The product's name is due to the fact that the effect on muscles is analogous to that caused by a viper's venom, namely a form of muscle freezing. Apparently, the product's effects begin after just 90 seconds, and the overall reduction in wrinkles reaches 52 percent less within 28 days.

Syn-ake, the active ingredient of Glamoxy Rodial, is a small neuropeptide that reproduces the effect of temple viper venom, reducing visible facial contractions. It instantly lifts the face, relaxes muscles, and fills out fine lines and wrinkles. Other ingredients are Fiflow BTX (oxygen carrier), which gives extra life and radiance to the skin; Proturon, generating extra 3D volume, redensifying and moisturizing the complexion; Ronasphere, which attenuates fine lines and imperfections, and corrects skin tone; and Pomegranate ellagic tannin, powerful anti-oxidant protection.

Users report that results are in fact immediate, and that the skin feels much smoother after a couple of days' use. The product doesn't sting, feels smooth and non greasy, and it is applied twice a day. Reportedly, it is being used by Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham.

Rodial - Glamoxy Snake Serum retails at £125 for a 25 ml bottle. It is available from the manufacturer's website,, and from Harvey Nichols.

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