Gilli pochettes for St. Valentine's Featured

Pink, white and red feature strongly in these luxury accessories

Gilli celebrates the festival of lovers with a new series of Pochettes, "Love" and "Amor." They feature pink, trend colour for the coming spring-summer, is accompanied by white and red. Prices range from €409 for the Love Graffiti pochette to €503 for the Swarovski Pochette, in candy pink (this piece is available in black and white as well. All models are supplied with a matching strap.
The graphic design is reminiscent of the 1960s and "flower power," and the texts, with the bright colours, confirm Gilli's identity as a very different brand, bringing a breath of fresh air and whimsy to the world of fashion. Cheerful, tongue-in-cheek irony that cannot fail to elicit pleasure and a smile. And so eminently suitable for 14th February!

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