Frey Wille, pink for St. Valentine's Featured

The Vienna Maison's new art jewellery for the season of romance

Frey Wille celebrates the season of romance with a series of jewellery products featuring the colour pink, eternal symbol of femininity. The products continue the Maison's original technique of utilizing enamel to create pieces with a high content of design and references to world art. Some of the inspirations in the latest collections include Alphonse Mucha, Claude Monet, and the classic Ancient Egyptian sphinx motif.

Frey Wille, founded in Vienna in 1951, is the only company in the world that creates art jewels featuring the use of enamels to form a unique decorative effect. The high artistic content and careful workmanship used in its pieces means that production is limited, even though geographical distribution has expanded to 60 boutiques in 30 countries worldwide.

Each piece incorporates up to 80 stages of crafting, most of which are manual operations. The value of the pieces in terms of colour and design is matched by the 18 and 24 carat gold used as the base for the decoration.

The marque's approach to different cultures is one of respect and fascination, utilizing them as a timeless source of inspiration, so that the people wearing them perceive the joy of colour and fine materials day after day. "Ode to Joy of LIfe", the name of the latest collection, therefore also expresses the Maison's overall approach to its creative production.

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