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Maintaining its Italian identity as it grows worldwide.

Imagine a gentleman who knows style and quality; someone who has great expectations of his daily attire and particularly during special occasions. Such a man gives us an impression of what Brioni is about. Named after the island of Brioni on the Adriatic Sea where elite sports like golf, horsemanship and polo were popular, the very name of the brand evokes an era of excellence. Luxos examines Brioni’s Italian roots and its developments in China today.

Brioni was founded under extraordinary circumstances. In the 1950s and ‘60s, Rome became increasingly international with travellers and American cinema. It was also a time when people started to experiment with new fashion. Among the growing businesses in the region was Sartoria Brioni. A small atelier with just 20 tailors, its fame grew significantly as Hollywood stars championed the brand and brought the international spotlight to it. Brioni was born at the right time, in the right place, and with the right people. Today, over 400 master tailors work at its factory in Abruzzo.

These skilled craftsmen also travel all around the world, reaching customers at truck shows, in their homes, offices and yachts. Dedicated to elegant dressing, Brioni takes care of its customers every step of the way. With 5000 to 7000 hand-sewn stitches, 80 ironing steps and a total of 220 procedures that equate to an average of 440 hands working on one garment, the quality of “Made in Brioni” is something tangible.

The capospalla, which means coat in Italian, remains Brioni's signature item, whether it is the dinner jacket, formal suit, blazer, or sports jacket. Every Brioni boutique provides the gentleman his complete look, a one-stop-shopping concept that the brand pioneered in the 50s. Here, customers will find both spring/summer and autumn/winter collection with a wide variety of accessories to choose from. Every boutique also provides made-to-measure service. Starting this year, the same meticulous service also extends to the ladies. Though we can say that the core business of Brioni is menswear, womenswear has always exited at Brioni and is now a fully developed collection every year.

The world of Brioni is diverse. From its yearly organisation of the Brioni Polo Classic competitions, its participation in the Cartier Polo World Cup, to its collaboration with Maserati, Cartier and Julius Baer, and the “Scuola Sartoria Nazareno Fonticoli” (Nazareno Fonticoli Sartorial School), Brioni portrays a complete lifestyle.

Today, one of Brioni’s fastest growing markets is China, follwed by India and Malaysia. With boutiques in Hong Kong, Beijing and Macau, Brioni also has a new opening in Shanghai as it continues to expand around the world. Providing the same quality, innovation and customer care, Brioni is committed to bringing Italian tailorship worldwide.

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