Beatriz Nicolás, fashion in Spain Featured

If you only know Spanish fashion thanks to brands like Zara and Mango, read on.

When people think about Spanish fashion, high street brand names come to mind. But in the last few years there has been a great increase in local talent in the luxury sector that has international fashionistas taking notice.

Beatriz Nicolás did not have to think twice about opening a multibrand store together with her husband Jose Yusty. He is a veteran in the clothing business, as he had been a buyer for years for Yusty, the Madrid-born men’s luxury fashion store, and she is a marketing whiz who worked as marketing director for the jewellery firm Carrera y Carrera. Beatriz knew that there was a growing number of luxury consumers in Spain. “If before people used to travel to other European capitals in order to buy clothes, now the trend is to do their shopping locally and use their weekends for spa getaways.

Beatriz was the first to bring brands such as Elizabeth and James, designed by the Olsen twins, or Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, Chloë Sevigny and Erin Watson. Today, her store, Yube, is regarded as one of the fashion temples of the city and has been photographed for the international editions of Vogue and Elle as well as newspapers. The success of the shop is not only in the brand selection but also in the location. “Four years ago, when we opened in the Salesas district, there were little more than traditional bakeries and a fishmonger. Later came the art galleries and finally the boutiques like Marc Jacobs and a wide array of multibrand shops and trendy restaurants.”

Amongst the multibrand shops is Metwo (Gravina 21, Madrid, tel. +34 91 521 7922) that carries an exclusive selection of the coolest French brands on offer. It started as a showroom and grew into a full-fledged boutique. Its owner, Katy Sainz explains, "The collections we were bringing from Paris started doing so well that we decided to open a proper store to sell to all our friends.”

For those who aren’t used to fashion speak, there is a difference between a store showroom, which sells to stores and a press showroom that does the PR for brands with members of the press. One such showroom is the one run by Teresa Rapallo and Beatriz Fernández. These two stylists left their jobs in television in order to set up their own project. They have now done the PR for top brands such as Paul&Joe, Thomas Burberry and Hermès watches. Teresa tell us that “we wanted to start up our own thing as we were tired of working for other people. We wanted to apply all our knowledge in image and styling.” And so they founded Fashionistas (Fashionistas Estudio Piamonte, 12. Madrid, Tel. +34 91 521 8985) which Beatriz explains “also offers a personal shopping service for those people who come to Madrid and have a very limited time for shopping.”

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