Hästens beds and the art of sleep Featured

The Swedish company have been making dream beds for more than 100 years

Try out a Hästens bed and you’ll feel like you’re floating in an impalpable and wonderful softness. Like loving hands, light pressure points support your body in all the right places and, as you drift into the oblivion of sleep, you’ll find yourself thinking of snow, of the sound it makes as it falls. With its crisp rustle, a Hästens bed even sounds different.

The epitome of the art of a good night’s sleep for more than one hundred years, each Hästens bed, inclusive of frame and mattress, is a temple to the fruit of the pioneering research and artisan skills of five generations of owners, the Ryde family. “My grandfather’s grandfather laid Hästens foundations even before the light bulb, the telephone and the car were invented”, the company’s current chairman, Jan Ryde, likes to remember.

From the time it opened its doors as a saddler in the mid-1800s, Hästens has conserved the know-how of the use of a key material in the crafting of high quality mattresses, horsehair, from which the company takes its name (Häst in Swedish means horse). Since then, it has developed its material selection process with painstaking care and only uses purely natural materials, such as cotton, pure wool and flax. Layered and alternated with horsehair to ensure the mattress a multi-layered wholesomeness that is the true essence of sleeping well. Compared with the majority of mattresses made in latex, polyurethane and foam rubber, these natural materials ensure perfect air circulation throughout the bed and optimises the absorption of humidity and perspiration, given that sleeping on a dry and fresh mattress is the only way to guard against aches and pains. In addition, these raw materials conform to the shape of your body, following its natural contours and supporting those areas that need it most.

Proverbial and much loved, the cover motif of the Hästens classical blue and white check, a true emblem of the brand and a registered logo to guard against imitations, is also offered in 14 colours. Alternatively, the company offers a selection of solid colours, like total black or white, for the most luxurious models, of which “Vividus” is the pinnacle. This bed, undoubtedly the “best bed in the world”, comes at a high price – euro 60,000. A work of art made especially for true dreamers.

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