The Ports 1961 Ninth Avenue New York boutique Featured

The brand's store launch attracts metropolitan shoppers.

The Ports 1961 Ninth Avenue New York boutique is situated in Manhattans’ legendary meatpacking district, nestled between the hottest restaurants and avant-garde galleries that the city has to offer. The circa 1850s masonry building was carefully restored and redesigned by world-renowned architect Michael Gabellini, perfectly reflecting Tia and Fiona’s vision of the modern global woman.

Infused with warmth and an unpretentious sensibility, this architectural gem seamlessly blends history & high fashion. Emphasis on light is evident in every detail of the boutique as translucent materials and plunging veils of fabric allow natural light to cascade through floor-to-ceiling windows. Almost none of the fixtures in the store are attached to the floor, bringing an airy quality to the space which compliments the design of the collection it houses.

"It feels inviting like someone's living-room," say Tia and Fiona who are constantly seeking to infuse both their lives and designs with an understated sense of luxury and simplicity. Many people seem to agree with this statement, including American sweetheart Reese Witherspoon, Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria and Gossip Girl Blake Lively. From Hollywood starlet, to corporate lawyer or New York fashionista to budding socialite...the polls are in: Ports wins the vote.

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