Philippe Starck & Ballantyne Featured

Fashion Revolution: Luxos talks to Starck about the debut of his “Starck with Ballantyne” collection

“I like to open the doors of people’s minds”, an affirmation that lets us glimpse all the ingenuity of Philippe Starck, who, with his bizarre and subversive objects, has been a cheeky presence in our everyday life for more than 30 years. This time it’s a capsule collection that Starck has designed for the Scottish cashmere knitwear brand, Ballantyne, acquired by the Montezemolo family. We met Monsieur Starck to get an insight into this new project.

Philippe Starck, this is the first time you’ve worked with a fashion brand, how did the idea get off the ground?
“From my relationship with Montezemolo. I’m not a fashion designer – fashion evolves very rapidly and changes every six months – but I am an ardent supporter of the “longevity” theory. The world, the economy, the ecology and even we ourselves can no longer indulge in six-monthly changeovers. Longevity is the new modern parameter, which is the inspiration for my collection.

So how have you decided to work?
Our ideas emerge when we want. We take some clothing and use our intuition to shape it. The goal we set ourselves is to roll out production (for one, two or three years more) and arrive at the creation of an innovative and global concept.

And Starck for Ballantyne really is a small revolution. Extremely elegant, the project in fact goes beyond fashion, beyond seasons, beyond what is the scheduled obsolescence of the objects that until now have characterised fashion’s line of thinking. A real forma mentis in tune with the real needs of contemporary “dressing”.

The collection will be on sale at the Ballantyne flagship stores as well as at selected multi-brand stores starting October 2009. Ultimately, Ballantyne will use the whole of its Notting Hill store in London to showcase the new collection as from this October.

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