Personalized luxury with "Mon Monogram" by Louis Vuitton Featured

A service that makes each piece unique and inimitable

In the great fashion houses unique style and precious luxury reign supreme. It is all a question of prestige and know-how where Louis Vuitton has been the distinguished representative for over one and a half centuries. In the tradition of made to measure, special orders, the celebrated luggage designer has honorably rendered each piece unique and inimitable. Thanks to personalisation services such as the hot-iron markings of initials on luggage and accessories or the hand painting of rigid baggage, this great designer’s house has been catering to the most extraordinary requests of travellers, and helping them to express their smallest whims or achieve their greatest dreams. And that’s not all.

Louis Vuitton goes further by offering a new way to personalise your favorite bag. With the creation of the concept Mon Monogram in 2008, the art of unique luggage has taken on a new meaning. It is now possible to choose from more than 200 million combinations (bicolour initials up to three letters, vertical or diagonal stripes, the combination of any of 17 colours) these can be created via computer simulation in any of the hundred Louis Vuitton boutiques across the world. The two first accessories to see the personalised LV initials were the Speedy model and the travel bag Keepall. Since the 1st of June 2009, this service now extends to the emblematic Pegasus 55 suitcase both the classic and the business versions. A timeless accessory, both unique and personal...

We dreamed of it, Louis Vuitton made it a reality!

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