Louis Vuitton and the Graphite Damier line Featured

A new, seductive world of discreet masculine elegance.

1888 – 2008: Betwen these two dates, a path has been paved of little square cobbles, each one acting as a stepping stone transcending both time and space. A pattern imprinted with the perfection drawn from a study of Renaissance perspective and the reassuring familiarity of a very practical board game. Almost a decade before he created the famous Monogram, Georges Vuitton, son of Louis, came up with a print exclusive to the house, a beige and brown Damier on which is inscribed “Marque Louis Vuitton déposée” and the graphic pattern was born.

One hundred years on, Louis Vuitton has revisited the label’s historic Damier print. To the Ebony Damier and the Azur Damier has been added a new declension: the Graphite Damier line. Passing through shades of black and grey, the new style has become undeniably urban and the signature look resolutely masculine.

Like the young French actor Nicolas Duvauchelle which the pattern incarnates, the Graphite Damier is a declaration of discreet elegance. Dressed in smooth black leather and equipped with facing in shiny polished palladium, this line flaunts a chic and uncluttered city slicker look which is both modern and cosmopolitan. Presented at the last Autumn/Winter 2008 show, Graphite Damier has already become a symbol of Louis Vuitton. Discreet yet distinctive, displayed on shoes, ready-towear pieces, and jewellery as well as accessories, this print has already seduced the likes of Pharell Williams and Joshua Jackson. It is storming the wardrobes of busy young men, attracting all eyes with its refined balance, seducing the spirit with its perfect symmetry and titillating the imagination with its infinite possibilities.

Busy certainly, but resolutely modern, men will appreciate the union of functionality and leather design. Focused on the modern lifestyle, the baggage line has launched the new Roadster, a multifunctional bag able to serve as a sports bag anda 24-hour bag, equipped with a large zipped fold allowing access to its contents. Without of course forgetting classic models such as the spacious Keepall 55, the angular Grimaud and the wheeled cabin bag Pegasus.

Habitual city dwellers have not been forgotten with a collection of city bags which welcome the Reporter, a square model parading a subtly retro style with a pocket on the front and a zip fastening, as well as a brand new, very spacious and supple attaché case, a compartment specially created for a laptop, handles and a shoulder strap. And last but not least, an astonishing Damier Graphite printed motorcycle helmet as well as an incontrovertible collection of small leather goods, including a wallet, cardholder and key-holder completing the permanent line.

And as always with Louis Vuitton, for those who love a unique purchase there’s the made-to-order service available at the historic workshop of the venerable fashion house, located in Asnières.

A beautifully elegant and sophisticated world just like a game of chess. Once again, thanks to the Graphite Damier line, men will have this beautiful game to attain distinction.

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