Customized cases from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Tod's Featured

Personalization is the name of the game this season.

In business, one’s appearance is almost everything. That is why more and more business travelers are fussy about their most important working tool, not their BlackBerry, but their briefcases. How you carry your gadgets and folders has a lot to say about how you carry yourself. The result? Brands are adapting to meet demand. Gucci’s collection for this winter offers both softer models and sturdier looking ones. The customer has a vast array of choices depending on the image he or she wants to portray. Straightforward laptop carriers for the no-fuss executive, or messenger bags for the creative director.

Some brands like Louis Vuitton go one step further offering a bespoke service in which the client can customize everything form the outside of the bag to the inside. At Louis Vuitton, they will draw up a model of your briefcase and send it to Paris for approval. Once the designers give it the ok, they will make it for you as a special order. What are the most common requests amongst company MDs? Specific compartments for iPhones, BlackBerries, Montblanc pens and Mac laptops.

While men tend to see briefcases as a power tool, and thus look for a sturdy case with a traditional look, women see it as just another bag, and want it to be light, smooth, fashionable, and in this season’s colour. That is why some will wait up to one year to get their customized Hermès case in the colour and leather of their choice.

But those that need it now and still want something very exclusive should look no further than Tod’s limited edition crocodile Barrister model.

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