Bottega Veneta invests in youth Featured

The quality leather goods brand has set up its own school to nurture the next generation of craftsmen.

Long apprenticeship and decrease job opportunities have led to a scarcity of prized artisans. The centuries-old tradition of artisan leather work in Italy, particularly in Veneto, is quickly disappearing. In a world that is constantly looking for easy solutions and cost reduction, many luxury goods have decided to shift production abroad. However, Bottega Veneta made the brave decision not to do so. In fact, it is determined to preserve the tradition of leather craftmanship by investing in the future: the youth of Italy.

Bottega Veneta decided to start a school. Last October the first class entered “La Scuola della Pelletteria Bottega Veneta.” Operated in conjunction with “La Scuola d’Arte e Mestieri di Vicenza” founded in 1858, the three-year course will be free for all students. Fully funded by Bottega Veneta, the school is open to students between the age of 18 and 25, with reference towards students from the Veneto region.

The three-year course of study will include leathergoods techniques of all levels, English, computer skills and fashion history. Technical classes will be conducted by the best artisans at Bottega Veneta.

Creative director Tomas Maier admires Bottega Veneta’s artisans, and is proud of the brand’s commitment to artisan tradition in starting its own school. Luxos Italy brings you an exclusive interview with Mr. Maier. Let us take a closer look at this prestigious luxury brand.

How does Bottega Veneta’s tradition affect your creative process?
Bottega Veneta is deeply rooted in the artisan traditions of the Veneto region, and that for me is a great source of inspiration. The skills and techniques of our craftsmen are what enable us to make leather goods of such high quality and extraordinary intricacy. Another tradition I admire is that Bottega Veneta has always been about an individual, not a logo. Philosophically, that is how I approach design as well.

Does Bottega Veneta provide custom-made items?
Yes, we do a great deal of custom work, especially with luggage and furniture. We enjoy working with our clients to create what they want and need.

What does luxury mean to you personally?

Luxury for me is something unique, rare, and of the finest quality. It’s a detail or a quality that perhaps only I can see. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive: eating a ripe fig from the tree is a luxury.

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