Global Chinese lifestyle brand Shanghai Tang Featured

Founded by David Tang Wing-Cheung, the marque brings Chinese tradition into the 21st century.

Shanghai Tang sets out to create the first global Chinese lifestyle brand. Founded in 1994 by Hong Kong businessman, David Tang Wing-Cheung, he states that “Shanghai Tang is the best of 5,000 years of Chinese tradition exploding into the 21st Century.” By weaving traditional Chinese culture with the dynamism of the 21st Century, the result is a vibrant style of “East Meets West.” The name, “Shanghai Tang”, evokes the elegance and charm of fashionable Shanghai in the 1930’s. In fashion, Shanghai Tang establishes its distinctive style while combining elegance, comfort and vitality. In home furnishings, Shanghai Tang’s products emphasizes functionality, always integrating Chinese motifs into their design. For a deeper understanding of Shanghai Tang, Luxos brings you an exclusive interview with the eclectic brand’s Creative Director, Joanne Ooi.

What is Shanghai Tang’s creative vision?
The brand is the leading ambassador of modern Chinese chic lifestyle and fashion.

What is Shanghai Tang’s mission in 2008?
To invent the idiom of modern Chinese chic, and pioneer the innovation of modern style to debunk preconceived notions of what Chinese style constitutes. Also, we are dedicated to evolve our products in a more luxurious direction.

How does Shanghai Tang anticipate customers’ needs in providing luxury items in its stores?
Through market research and sheer gut instinct. The latter is critical in bringing new products which delight and surprise our customers.

How do you define luxury?
Time is the ultimate luxury.

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