Luxos interviews renowned hair stylist and designer Alexandre Zouari Featured

The latest trends and inspirations for the fall/winter 2008 collection

What is your vision of beautiful hair?
Beautiful hair is first and foremost healthy hair: shiny with great texture. I like hair with beautiful and glamorous movement. Hair gives women the opportunity to express their personality and elegance.

What is the inspiration of Alexandre Zouari hair accessories?
My inspiration for the fall/winter 2008 collection was Louis the XIV, known as “The Sun King”. You will find a lot of elements that conjure up Versailles: the mirrors, the fountains, and also references to its garden.

What are some of your hair accessories that you would recommend for daily activities?
It all depends on the individual face and the hairstyle. That is why for the fall/ winter collection, I created almost 500 different pieces. Every woman can create a personal style depending on her activity and personality.

What about for special occasions?
Fur, python, leather, plastic, silk, velvet, and of course, a lot of crystals for evening parties.

How did Zouari Diamonds get started?
Zouari Diamonds started four years ago. I adore gemstones and above all diamonds. Hair and diamonds are a girl’s best friends! I designed four main lines: Love, Oriental, Square (for men and women) and Flowers. The first lines are made of white gold and diamonds. Every six months, I create new collections with colored stones. Brilliant hair has brilliant stones to match!

What is luxury to Alexandre Zouari?
Luxury is an attitude straight from your heart! Depending on what you appreciate and what you share with others, everybody is  and so is luxury.