Luxos talks to Tod's CEO Diego Della Valle about the group's brands, Tod's, Hogan and Fay Featured

Plans for expansion involve China, where there are already 22 Tod's boutiques, and India

The name Tod’s has become a household name around the world for its quality leather goods. Its design instantly recognisable, its materials tangibly luxurious. The Tod’s group is a global brand, but its identity is first and foremost Italian. Mr. Della Valle reveals what luxury is in the global context.

In the vast world of Italian fashion, what does the Tod’s Group represent?
Tod’s is the archetype of everything that’s great about Italian luxury and fashion, which is the ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create a totally new type of luxury items. I think that as years go by people will desire, more and more, to buy hand crafted items, made with prestigious and exclusive materials. What is really crucial for our brand complete loyalty to the Made-in-Italy tradition which will always be part of our heritage, the irreplaceable know-how of the Italian artisans who have always worked for us help to develop shoes and bags that have now become a cult.

What is your personal challenge on a daily basis?
My daily challenge is keep on doing my job, which I love and which consists of assuring the highest quality of our products and in producing items that are of need to people, because the real secret, the one I define as the “contemporary luxury of Tod’s”, is exactly this: high quality items of use to people.

Where do you find inspirations to be the leader of your global fashion group?
I get my inspiration from different things: from the excellent job of the Tod’s artisans, from the smile of my little son, from the Florentine’s football team’s triumph...

What are the similarities between the brands under Tod’s Group: Tod’s, Hogan, and Fay? How do they differ from each other?
I would say that Tod’s represents the tradition of handmade, contemporary luxury; Hogan is urban chic, focused on research of new materials and projects and Fay is informal elegance and luxury for every day life. And all the three brands are of enormous success.

Mr. Della Valle, what does luxury mean to you on a personal level?
Luxury for me is having free time to spend with my family and my friends.

What are some of your favourite places around the world?

As a business man, I am used to travel a lot. There are so many cities that I love such as Paris, New York, Tokyo, but Casette d’Ete among the hills in the region Le Marche is my home, and nothing is better than your home.

My favourite destination for summer vacations is Capri, where I like to spend some time in relax with a few friends and my family drinking a glass of good wine while staying on my boat. But I am a big fan also of the Greek Islands.

What are your plans for the Tod’s Group in 2009?
We will keep on going ahead with our strategy of strong investments in different regions mostly in two directions: from one side, we keep on strengthening our presence worldwide and from the other side we will face new markets with new challenges and new cultures to meet and to conquer. Asia and India are two big markets we have been studying for years. Our plans for China are ambitious; we opened already many boutiques in prestigious locations throughout mainland China for a total of 22 Tod’s boutiques. In this second part of 2008, we are entering in India with 3 boutiques in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. Numbers are growing, but there are so many things to do, we do not like to rest, we like to keep on going.

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