Swarovski talks using the language of light, with its versatile crystal Featured

A brand still run from the Tyrolean Alps, and now present in over 120 countries.

Crystal is a magic word. It is a raw material that offers endless possiblities: jewellery, fashion, lighting, architecture, interior design. At Swarovski, crystal takes on all shapes and forms, creating a complete lifestyle of tangible luxury. Family-owned since its establishment in 1895, Swarovski is still based in the Tyrolean Alps, run by the fourth and fifth generation. Today, Swarovski is present in over 120 countries, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision-cut crystal. Luxos investigates what all the sparkle is about.
The brand’s precision cutting technique dates back to 1892 when founder Daniel Swarovski I invented a machine which made it possible to industrially cut and polish crystals. This invention opened up a new world of both commercial and artistic possiblities.

Throughout the past century, Swarovski made its debut and succeeded in diverse sectors. In the 1930’s, Swarovski entered the world of fashion as its crystal-set bands and borders were patented. The fashion world evolved over the years and so did Swarovski. Innovations such as Crystal Mesh,Crystal Fabric and Hot-fix Crystals made imaginative fashion design even more glamourous.

The brand entered the world of interior design with Strass, a range of crystal chandeliers. The fascination for precision-cut crystal continued as Swarovski jewellery line emerged.

To honour its founder’s enduring spirit of innovation, In 1989 the brand launched the Daniel Swarovski, a collection of jewellery and accessories. In 2002, the first Daniel Swarovski Home Accessories Line was launched, a series of exclusive, limited-edition objets d’art. This collection consists of 12 truly unique and functional crystal design objects for the home and office. Precision cutting, unfolding facets and a myriad reflections of crystal create unprecedented objet of art with this raw material.

Swarovski Crystal Palace exhibition at Salone Internazionale Del Mobile 2008 in Milan was an example of this daring crossover. Paul Cocksedge, Zaha Hadid, Piero Lissoni, Arne Quinze and Marcel Wanders were some of the protagonists who created contemporary lighting, furniture and design using Swarovski crystal. The exhibition took the audience onto an incredible journey. They witnessed visual illusion, architectural depth, sculptural diffusion… Viewers were left marvelling at just what crystal could do: just about everything.

Indeed, Swarovski is a brand of diverse values, best portrayed in its campaign featuring the Greek goddesses of called Radiance, Joy, and Abundance. What better way to express the qualities of the eternal crystal?

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