Boss Black and Boss Selection's Creative Director, Ingo Wilts, talks about the brand's approach Featured

The ideal complement to Boss, core brand in the luxury segment.

What is BOSS Selection’s vision?
My vision was to create something that would complement BOSS, our core brand in the luxury segment. A high-end, high-appeal product that celebrates wonderful materials and craftsmanship.

What kind of men should wear BOSS Selection?
Today, many men place very high expectations on quality. When they visit a BOSS store they say to themselves: “Here I have a very well-crafted suit, but over there is a suit made to an even higher standard of craftsmanship, coupled with incomparable quality: BOSS Selection. That’s what I want.” Fortunately, the ranks of these men are growing, and they are getting younger all the time. It’s impossible to pinpoint a certain age, but in the meantime I’m convinced that we‘re appealing to quite a few young people, simply because the collection itself has become much younger. Today, I see Selection on 30-year-olds and 50- year-olds alike.

Is there a major difference between BOSS Selection and BOSS Black?
The creative ideas that go into BOSS Black have been translated for BOSS Selection, but in a more individual way. Generally speaking, BOSS Selection is designed as a completely separate phenomenon, but there are certain inf luences, for example colors, that naturally originate from BOSS Black. In some instances, we use exceptional quality fabrics and a wealth of intricate details for BOSS Selection. A very large part of the work is done by hand, and there are also many elements of traditional bespoke tailoring.

As the Creative Director for BOSS Black and BOSS Selection, where do you find your inspirations?
Everything around me can be an inspiration. Art, travel, architecture and music play the most important role. For example, the new TV Tower building in Beijing by the architect Rem Kolhaas inspires me. Working on a new collection, I spend a lot of time in archives. In the past, you can always find something for the future.

What does luxury mean to you?
When it comes to fashion, luxury manifests itself in supreme quality, first-class craftsmanship and immaculate design. The line BOSS Selection gives consideration to these requirements in an extraordinary way.

What kind of career would you like to enter if you were not working in the fashion industry?
I always wanted to become a pilot as I like to travel around the world and I’m very interested in new cultures.

What are some of your favourite places to dine or spend time?
I spend a lot of time in Tokyo and L.A. In Tokyo I love all sushi restaurants, and the Bar in the Grand Hyatt (Tel. +81 3 4333 1234) because of its perfect view. I also like the new restaurant “Peter” in The Peninsula (Tel. +81 3 6270 2888). In L.A., I love to hang out in the restaurant of Fred Segal. In general, I prefer the places where locals spend their time, especially in Paris, there are so many good French restaurants.
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