Tardini, a great name for luxury leather goods, highlighted at Pitti 2009 Featured

Hallmarked by the unique style of American alligator.

Quality, proportion and practicality are some of the most important things that we look for in our choice of leathergoods. A simple bag can become a indispensible item in our daily lives when it meets all of our requirements.

Luxury leathergoods go far beyond mere pragmatism, of course. Imagine the kind of quality produced by three generations of crafts excellence in the heart of Modena. There you have the Tardini family’s brand of exotic, one-of-a-kind leathergoods.

Let’s start from the beginning. Founded in 1958 by Luigi Tardini, the company focused on belts in the beginning, and went on to expand its production to bags and small leathergoods. In 1984, the business was passed on to Luigi’s sons.

Under Giuseppe Tardini’s direction, the company switched its activity to American alligators, and that’s when the business really started taking shape. It became one of the few companies in Italy that imported alligator and caiman skins directly from the U.S. and South America. Craftsmanship is highly valued at Tardini, where experts treat all materials by hand, giving them unique finishings and treatments according to century-old tradition.

The result is a collection of tangible luxury and usability: shoes, briefcases, handbags, messenger bags, travel cases and luggages. There are also small leathergoods such as watch holders, wallets, belts, cigar humidors, and game board holders – everything to match our diverse lifestyle.

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