Luxos meets Tommy Hilfiger, creator of a lifestyle and fashion concept Featured

Classic cool fashion, an expression of the great American Dream.

Praised by the media and considered a true cult worldwide, the New York brand of Tommy Hilfiger continues to keep intact the image of a classical and relaxed American style. We interviewed the designer himself, and finds out what style means to him.

What style is conveyed by the Tommy Hilfiger brand?
Our designs are classic, American and cool. Although my core design philosophy remains the same, each season I look for original ideas to inspire my collections. I love reinterpreting things by exploring new and different perspectives.

What kind of man and woman do you design for?
People who are easy going, who want to look and feel great in the clothes they wear, who go for quality rather than the latest and quickly surpassed trends. We are a design company that creates classic American cool fashion and we put all our efforts into giving the customer the clothes they want but can’t find anywhere else.

What are your secrets to success?
I believe the key ingredients to being successful are hard work, total dedication, patience and teamwork. If you grab every opportunity that comes your way and continue to strive for excellence, the rewards can be greater than you ever expected. To me, this is the American Dream.

What is fashion today, in your opinion, and what has it been during all these years?
Fashion has always been about reinvention, because it changes every season. Generally, I think the trend we are experiencing above all right now is the global perspective, in which design reflects a more international consumer.

How do you protect the brand from crisis?
Fortunately, in times of crisis people tend to invest more in quality. And quality has always been our core value. Also, I believe there is always something that has not yet been invented, discovered or experimented. We are constantly focused on enhancing the prestige of the collections, but in a gradual way so that we keep the surprise factor high.

What does the word “style” mean to you?
Style is timeless and is all about being self-confident and expressing your own individuality.

Talking about lifestyle, what do you believe are life’s small and big luxuries?
The simplest of pleasures, taking a holiday with my wife and children, listening to rock music and doing yoga every morning.

Which Italian vacation do you remember with the greatest pleasure?
I was in Milan recently for the opening of the Hilfiger Denim Store in Corso Buenos Aires. In a word, fantastic.

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