Abito Privato, the Pal Zileri made-to-measure label Featured

Quality and wearability are the two hallmarks, based on traditional crafts skill.

Synonymous with elegance, Pal Zileri has been creating classic menswear for more than 35 years. Its style is unmistakably Italian, and its presence international in over 70 countries around the world. Luxos takes a close look at the brand’s made-to-measure label, Abito Privato.

In a quiet town called Quinto Vicentino in Northeastern Italy is where we find Pal Zileri’s headquarters and the manufacturing facilities that produce Abito Privato suits for its customers worldwide. We have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bruno Magnaguagno, Quality Control Manager. Abito Privato allows the customer to choose his own fabric, colour and style. “We must consider the occasion, the season, and most importantly, the personality,” Mr. Magnaguagno says.

Only all-natural fabrics are used: horse hair, camel hair, natural cotton and the renowned wool fabrics from Biella. “Beautiful fabric has a unique, pearl-like glow, whether it is 180s wool or pure cotton.”

The second most important quality of an Abito Privato suit is its wearability. While some manufacturers use an adhesive technique to glue the outside fabric and the duck together, at Pal Zileri the two fabrics are joined together with delicate craftsmanship and manual techniques derived from haute couture.

A classic suit requires an average of 180 steps. Three existing models - slim, regular, comfortable - are the starting point of the personalisation process. The model is adjusted according to the customer’s measurements and preferences. As his expert eyes and elegant hands obtain precise measurements, Mr. Magnaguagno discreetly asks the customer for his preference of fit, and advises the appropriate style for the occasion. Whether for work, leisure or special occasions, an Abito Privato suit is the gentleman’s guarantee for confidence and elegance.

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